Courtois Sauveterre

⚶ OOC Information ⚶

I’ve actually been roleplaying online since the late 1990s (somewhere abouts 1997 I think), but all of what I did was completely text-based. I’m only just starting with RP on FFXIV, and I’m pretty dang shy. My vision is also pretty bad, and when there’s a lot of RP going on, I tend to miss replies really easily. And FFXIV presents a medium that’s a hybrid between text and avatar-based roleplay, and that’s going to take me some time to adjust to.

I tend to avoid very dark topics in RP. Generally I’m for what I call “light RP” (or “lite RP”, since that saves a letter in search info) only, particularly in public or upon the first few meetings. Bar meet ‘n greet, social calls, invites to parties, light flirting, etc. If you want to get my character involved in your character’s backstory, great! But let them develop a friendship before throwing wide the gates on your character’s problems.

I also want to point out that I have not given Courtois an Allagan twist to his background for the purpose of making him into a “super special snowflake”. It’s just flavor at best. At worst it’s a character experiment. Courtois has no memories from Allag (forbidden or otherwise), no special connection to Allagan technology, his Allagan parents weren’t anyone special, he doesn’t get nostalgic in Allagan ruins, etc. I want him to be liked (or disliked) because of who he is, not what he is.

Regarding ERP: I don’t tend to ERP, particularly not with people I’ve only just met (ICly or OOCly), and my funds tend to be pretty low in-game, so I’m not going to be buying “companionship” for the evening. But that doesn’t mean I won't EVER ERP with anyone, I just won’t be doing it on first meeting. I like to be in-tune with a roleplay partner wanting that sort of thing, and that’s very difficult to accomplish on the very first meeting.

And one last thing. I cannot stress this enough—Courtois is NOT the Warrior of Light in-RP, nor does he possess the Echo. He’s merely a “toasted marshmallow elf” with a cracked face.

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