Courtois Sauveterre

⚶ Only Mildly Allagan ⚶

Full Name: Courtois Sauveterre
Age: 20
Race: Elezen (Duskwight)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn, amber highlights
Nameday: 32nd Sun, 6th Umbral Moon
Deity: None, technically
Height: 6'8" (208cm RL measure)
Weight: 197lbs (89kg RL measure)
Occupation: Explorer, Adventurer
Alignment: Good
Sexual Orientation: He honestly has no clue.
Distinctive Features: That’s not face-paint or tattoos; that’s a series of scars on his face. There’s also a series of lines all over his body. Most of them remain hidden under his clothes, but these lines can often be glimpsed on his forearms when he wears short- or three quarter length sleeved shirts. Both the “cracks” on his face and the lines on his body glow a subtle yellow, and emit a low level of aether.

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